Data processing

Converdiant’s Data Storage and Processing Compliance Policy informs you (visitor, client or visitor of a clients website) how we (Converdiant) store, use, and make data accessible under the GDPR directive.

Where your data is stored
Data gathered by the Converdiant application is stored on Amazon Web Services.
Data gathered by the Converdiant website is mainly stored on 3rd party services and on Webflow.

All servers managed by Converdiant are located within the European Union. For technical reasons subcontractors may have to move data to locations outside of the EU. In such case all available security measures and precautions will be used to ensure the security of your data.

Services used for data collection

Google Analytics Used to gather visitor analytics related to our website. This data is used to imrpove our website and marketing efforts.
Google Cloud Used for all company related email correspondence, tracking and storage. Priviledged information could be stored on Google's servers.
Hubspot Used to store contact and contract infromation related to our company clients and related communications such as email and email tracking.
Drift Used to offer chat functionality across our services. Seperate approval is requested when you start a new chat session.
Converdiant Application Used to analyze visitor interactions with the purpose of improving our conversion rate. We utilize cookies along with local storage to identify users. All data related to interactions are anonymous, however information gathered by our form solution may contain personal information. The kind of information gathered by these forms is decided by each Converdiant user, as they set up and manage the functionality - this data is not accessible for Converdiant. If you have any questions in regards of this information - please contact that specific website owner.
Albacross Used to generate insight in terms of which companies are using our website, and how often.

Data lifespan
How long your data is saved on any of Converdiant's servers are determined by the purpose of the data. We will never store any data longer than necessary to provide our service to our clients, or end users.

Your rights
You have the right to request all information gathered by either our application or website. In addition to this you also have the right to have any data (that's not required by law to store) deleted from our servers. If you are a registered Converdiant users you can easily manage all information gathered by our application in your interface as a signed in user. Please allow 1 month for all data requests.

Your approval is requested at all times where acceptance of any of our policys is required by law.

Policy Updates
Updates to this policy will be posted here. We reserve the right to update or modify this policy at any given time.

Questions and Requests
Please reach out by chat or email.